Trans: Latin prefix implying "across" or "Beyond", often used in gender nonconforming situations – Scend: Archaic word describing a strong "surge" or "wave", originating with 15th century english sailors – Survival: 15th century english compound word describing an existence only worth transcending.

Early Morning Guitar Session. ala Laundry

Guitar Practice:

Laundry is best done early in the morning.  The resulting time between cycles lets me do all kinds of things- below is a short guitar “shred” song inspired by Jeff Beck’s most recent album, Loud Hailer- recorded in its entirety between washing and drying.   I recommend turning your volume down, modesty is not part if this song’s vocabulary.



  1. Ann

    love this……….is it all you? how many tracks

    • Jess

      All but the Drums!

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