Bates Sports - YouTubeI am off to do cool stuff at Bates College! 🚀   I am pleased to shared I have accepted position as a Systems Analyst at Bates.  That’s right- I’ve moved from Ithaca to the middle of Maine, by way of Northampton, MA!

  • Picked up a passion for Rock Climbing!
  • I’ve learn how to make bagels and generally just had a terrific time playing bakery at Tandem Bagel Co!
  • Developed a slew of client projects in SvelteKit!
    • I continue to procrastinate rebuilding this blog of mine, which to be honest has contributed to the lack of recent activity.  “Oh, I’ll write that post once I finish rebuilding the site” I tell myself.  Regardless, yes- at some point or another this site will migrate from wordpress to a sleeker SvelteKit MDsveX blog.   Eventually 😸
  • Playing lots of guitar!
  • Sporadically designing and 3d printing trivial and overly complicated things (7 versions of shower drain, 3 versions of dishrack clamp, bread shuriken, the usual tomfoolery)
  • Reading: Mostly been readying about economic systems and fascism: