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There are a few goals of this experimental humanitarian project:
  • recreate the structure group therapy offers; to do this, we host a daily wakeup call at ~8:30 every day via Discord.   Any member with the ‘wakeup-call’ attribute is empowered to initiate, join and call (and- if needed- delegate further wakeup calls, via any means necessary- phone call, discord, email, DMs, doordash coffee delivery to your peer, knock on their door, call their neighbors, drone strike etc) .   I intend to write a utility to automate wakeup phone calls and allow users to securely wake each other up without having their personal info (phone #, address etc).
  • recreate and extend the social and interpersonal aspects of a group therapy program through in-person activities as well as virtual, peer led group sessions
  • experiment with horizontal organization structures with minimal hierarchical organization in  a traditionally stratified space; enable the trusting reliance of individuals to guide group moderation while protecting personal info.