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Fusion 360 for 3d Printing w/ Jess

Next class: April 3rd, 6pm - 8pm: Click here to add to your google calendar!

Draw and print your mechanical daydreams! Watertight threads? Anneal-fit tolerances? Learn to design and print beautiful hardware and parts in this exciting workshop with Jess!

Signup & RSVP: Fusion 360 for 3d Printing!

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Functions and features we will touch may include:

- Offset, trim, point to point move
- Mirror, pattern, split
- BREP booleans, chamfer, fillet
- Minimalist sketch management & construction planes
- Press pull, sweep, extrude as boolean
- Scaling, threading & design considerations for FDM 3d printing
- Utilize the McMaster-Carr library & manipulate meshes as BREP
- Workflow interoperability with Tinkercad, Inkscape, MeshMixer, a360 & myhub services
- Versioning, Git & public collaboration

Please share your enthusiasm, ask questions and join the conversation in IG’s lively Discord server.

smol updates – November 9 2022

  • This winter, I am excited to be teaching a new youth-oriented class at the Odessa Public Library- "TinkerCAD for Functional 3d Printing & Propmaking"! Sign up here:
    "Youth ages 8-18 will master the tools and skills required to design and print just about anything made of plastic, and will be confident in their ability to search for projects and models others have designed and print them at the Odessa Public Library."
  • I've been fairly distant for the last few months, but not for a lack of exciting projects! I've been sorta hyperfocused on the research and development of ultrasonically emulsified polyethylene polymers for an upcoming and very exciting material brand of my own.

This and That!

updated on 5/23/22


  • Built out a lil web dashboard for DLA Makerspace- find the space's calendar, general information, technical documentation, printer livestreams for students and access the discord ticketing system-

  • I have been busy at the Ithaca Generator- building up our new website and writing new member mangegment & accounting software. I've taken over as IG's 3D Printer Area Captain too! 😸

Teaching a new class! Weekly Printer Party! Noise Night!
See a need, fill a need! An exciting new venture! Chemicals and experiments oh my!

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