I wrote this lil command line application while riding on a bus to and from New York City- find the project repository here at jesssullivan/AccuWixReport. 😸

This utility generates a variety of concise, merged monthly financial superlative reports in raw markdown, drawing from transaction CSVs exported by Acuity and Wix.

  • “Paid” transaction reports are marked as “paid” by the respective platforms (automatically via credit card or manually upon receiving otherwise untracked currency)
  • “Unpaid” transaction reports were not explicitly marked as “paid”; while the most likely scenario is that this transaction was completed successfully offline (via cash / venmo), an “Unpaid” status may imply the client did not settle up or the transaction was recorded erroneously due to cancellation, revision or other extenuating circumstances.

Intended usage:


python3.12 -m venv accuwix_venv
source accuwix_venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Generate and print report for January:

 python3 src/cmdline.py -m Jan

Generate and save all reports to markdown file:

 python3 src/cmdline.py -all > AccuWixReport.md

Generate a sexy PDF report from markdown file:

pandoc AccuWixReport.md -o output.pdf -V geometry:margin=1in

Display help screen:

 -h   : print this message again 
 -all : generate all reports 
 -m   : `month` (optional); specify a month to generate a superlative report`  

 use any of the following month qualifiers: 
 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec