This morning at 7am, very few birds were singing.  Behind the Rugby  field in a solid rain, a small group of people stood with their noses to the sky.  This is PSU’s very own Len R.  -led class on vertebrate zoology.  Now, please note I do not take this class, but I know a thing or two about Len.   Len is a bird master; this means vertebrate zoology in the springtime may just equate to an excellent excuse to find and learn about birds and warblers on the premise of a college class.  Thank goodness warblers have backbones.

The following list was compiled mostly by Len and another student (who also is not taking the course…).

The louisiana waterthrush, black and white warbler, and a glowing male redstart (all of which are warblers, despite the different naming conventions) really hit this walk out of the park for me.