Arrived at Fox Park at about 1:30 today, 3/12/17, under a deceiving blue sky and some light scattered clouds.  A prohibitive 10 degrees and ~0 degrees with wind chill (at most) set the tone of my walk, though it did make walking a bit easier in general- the snow, mud, and debris had been frozen solid, so I could comfortably walk my sit spot loop in sneakers and and number of pairs of socks.  I spent the first 20 or so minutes wandering the base of Fox Park, going around from the usual parking lot, to the lower-level parking lot, around the artificial, square-shaped wet area, and up around the immediate road.  I didn’t find any owl-related clues, but I did find some other points of interest:  a few turkey vultures and a few red wing black birds.  I think it is apt to be a bit concerned (mostly for the red wing black birds) because they clearly thought it was spring time, but it actually is not.  Ground foraging, insect eating birds who rely on marshy habitats do not seem suited for today’s balmy 10 degrees.

Moving into my sit spot, I heard a brown creeper singing and a muffled “beep!” from a hairy woodpecker.  At least they seem happy.

The local “hooligan crows” and their cronies (blue jays) were zipping around in little gangs occasionally.   There was very little localization, so I think they were just rabble rousing and partaking in tomfoolery.

I did not take photos today, despite hauling my equipment around.  It seems like much of what I saw two days ago is solidly frozen in place from the time being.