High-Brow Foreword:

“I understand ultra high-end headphones and audio pieces are the epitome of superfluous consumerism, only for the .1% of the world’s population, and do not get positive remarks from spouses as good places to spend money.  Luckily, none of these are what this venture is about.  My goal is to meld hand-crafted art and design with an open source philosophy, culminating in unique audio pieces and headphones, as well as a completely open source build log and design resource for others.”

To be frank:

I am a dorm-dwelling college student, studying experiential education.  Everything I make is made from scratch, in my dorm, when I’m not doing other things more pertinent to my BS in adventure experiential education.  

As we know now, the only tools anyone needs to make anything these days is access to the internet, time, and a deep desire to learn…