Useful links, used to do anything but nothing.

This is the world’s leader in recreational and “big data” birding.  I enjoy their Birdcast, which is a ripoff of the forecast (haha).  Look up any bird in Google and their sister domain “” will provide answers to any ornithological  question and similar species.  BIrding is a fabulous, low cost/high pleasure hobby for me.

This is the (read: one of the few small) niche websites dedicated entirely to headphones.  As a headphone nut myself, I am able to talk with other fanatics about music, planar/electrostatic/dynamic driver design, amp circuitry, old russian tubes and their uses in desktop headphone amps, how to 3d print modifications and repairs, as well as how we construct and design new headphones and components to push the galaxy of personal audio further into the murky depths of internet webspace.

Here, I talk to other people (usually budding professional photographers) about photography, cameras, and other photo-related stuff.  We have a great buy and sell board, industry news feed, and pictures of birds.

This is the lay-person’s instruction set for how to do everything, from building a tiny home to cooking everything such that it tastes a bit like bacon.  every idea is no more than 87% baked, so to speak, but a good resource for projects.


This is a good website for recording industry news and methods.  I like reading their articles to relax, though it is generally more useful for folks who are recording more than I.


Yo Yo Ma’s version of the above- this is the last movie I saw.  (that was roughly 8 months ago)  I hung onto many of these ideas, and draw many parallels to the content of our literature circles.


These sites are where my mother and I are learning spanish.  We like to start each day (and sometimes end each day) by texting and talking in spanish.  This a slow but very rewarding challenge… ,