Since quietly launching her contracting and consulting career as LLC in the tranquil White Mountains of New Hampshire in 2016, Jess’s contracting work has remained a reliable, nimble and organized engineering backbone to a vast and ever expanding pedigree of high-impact software projects, robotics research and FOSS initiatives.

Here in late 2023, Jess has begun re-tooling and organizing her consultancy, brands, products, projects and career as busy, independent technical contractor through the development of and merge with an extremely unique technical coworking laboratory based in the Fingerlakes Region of New York.

The public launch of our laboratory venture is expected to debut late 2024.

Services & Expertise:

  • Bespoke, full stack web development:
    • Extensive work within Flask and Express based stacks; fluent with Python & TypeScript
    • Templating engines including Pug, Jinja2 and Hugo
    • Nginx, Apache2, mongodb, postgres
    • Integrations with the Stripe, oauth, common G-suite applications and MembershipWorks
    • Over 8 years of professional & enterprise experience with WordPress and deployments to AWS (EC2, Lambda, Beanstalk), GCP, Digital Ocean & Heroku
    • ESRI web services (storymaps, ArcGIS pro, Arcade expression language)
  • 3d Modeling & 3d Geoanalytics:
    • Over 7 years of professional experience modeling, simulating and scripting and teaching popular CAD packages including Fusion 360 & Inventor (python & C++), Sketchup (Ruby), Meshmixer, openscad, ArcMap & ArcGIS, QGIS and Blender
  • On-demand, one of 3d modeling and printing services
  • Exotic material 3d printing (e.g. annealed thermoplastics, end-use polypropylene parts, PEG phantom network synthesis, sintered metal FDM printing), bespoke machine tool design & rapid prototyping
  • Over a decade of professional and personal experience with ultra-secure personal computing, esoteric network protocols and the implementation of personal DaaS stacks.

Notable projects and superlatives include:

  • The launch of Merlin Sound ID & The Machine Learning Blog @ Macaulay Library
  • Machine Learning with and Visipedia
  • Developed web GIS tools used by the National Park Service, Foundation for Healthy Communities, GPRED, presented at the 2019 AAG conference
  • Projects with Dover Micro (2017), Adaptive Motorsport (2018) and the creation of numerous FOSS automation tools and GIS utilities on github
  • Numerous contributions to open source projects including Klipper Firmware, Joplin & FFT.js
  • Served as the Fabrication Laboratory Manager for the Landscape Architecture Makerspace @ Cornell CALS (2021-2022)
  • Served as First Fellow @ the D&M Makerspace at Plymouth State University (2017-2019)
  • Taught Advanced GIS Programming & Intro to electromechanics at PSU (2019)
  • Served as Membership Chair and 3d Printing Captain of the Ithaca Generator (2020 – 2022)
  • Remains an active member of the Voron, Annex Engineering, Klipper, Mainsail, Railcore, Doomcube, Kralyn3d, Rack Robotics & Millennium Machines open source rapid fabrication developer communities
  • Coached hundreds of students though her popular, portable & public-facing “Fusion 360 for 3d printing” class series throughout New York