Next class: April 3rd, 6pm - 8pm: Click here to add to your google calendar!

Draw and print your mechanical daydreams! Watertight threads? Anneal-fit tolerances? Learn to design and print beautiful hardware and parts in this exciting workshop with Jess!

Signup & RSVP: Fusion 360 for 3d Printing!

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Functions and features we will touch may include:

- Offset, trim, point to point move
- Mirror, pattern, split
- BREP booleans, chamfer, fillet
- Minimalist sketch management & construction planes
- Press pull, sweep, extrude as boolean
- Scaling, threading & design considerations for FDM 3d printing
- Utilize the McMaster-Carr library & manipulate meshes as BREP
- Workflow interoperability with Tinkercad, Inkscape, MeshMixer, a360 & myhub services
- Versioning, Git & public collaboration

Please share your enthusiasm, ask questions and join the conversation in IG’s lively Discord server.