• It's almost springtime in Ithaca!
  • Superduper excited to be hopping over to the Department of Landscape Architecture to explore and expand the DLA Makerspace at Cornell!
  • I have been busy building out the new Ithaca Generator website, as well as new member mangegment & accounting software. I've taken over as IG's 3D Printer Area Captain too! 😸
Teaching a new class! Weekly Printer Party! Noise Night!
See a need, fill a need! An exciting new venture! Chemicals and experiments oh my!
Magic Fusion 360 for 3D Printing Class
  • Draw and print your mechanical daydreams! Watertight threads? Anneal-fit tolerances? Learn to design and print beautiful hardware and parts in this exciting workshop with Jess!
Weekly 3D Printer Party w/ Jess & whoppingpochard!

Tuesdays 5 - 8pm

Noise Night
  • Sunday nights 6pm to 8pm beginning March 20th ~~~ Come enjoy a low-key evening of casual jamming, music and noisy projects with Jess!

Some lil random printed projects: