View below the readme mirror from my Github repo for Chapel Installation!

….Or visit the page directly: 


Repo in light of PSU OS course

Test FileCheck.chpl from this repo:

git clone cd chapeltests/ChapelTesting-Python3/ chpl ../FileChecking-with-Chapel/FileCheck.chpl # For same parallel domain read but parallel vs. serial evaluation: python3 # for (questionable but) entirely serial evaluation: python3

FileCheck.chpl provides both parallel and serial methods for recursive duplicate file finding in Cray’s Chapel Language. Both solutions will be “slow”, as they are fundamentally limited by disk speed. Go to /FileChecking-with-Chapel/ for more information on this script. and other tests evaluate completion times for both Serial and parallel options. Go to /ChapelTesting-Python3/ for more information on these tests.

Get some Chapel:

In a (bash) shell, install Chapel:
Mac or Linux here, others refer to:

# For Linux bash:
git clone
tar xzf chapel-1.18.0.tar.gz
cd chapel-1.18.0
source util/setchplenv.bash
make check

#For Mac OSX bash:
# Just use homebrew
brew install chapel # :)

Get atom editor for Chapel Language support:

#Linux bash:
sudo apt-get install atom
apm install language-chapel
# atom [yourfile.chpl]  # open/make a file with atom

# Mac OSX (download):
# bash for Chapel language support
apm install language-chapel
# atom [yourfile.chpl]  # open/make a file with atom

Using the Chapel compiler

To compile with Chapel:

chpl MyFile.chpl # chpl command is self sufficient

# chpl one file class into another:

chpl -M classFile runFile.chpl 

# to run a Chapel file: